These are not portraits from life- they are creations.png

These are not portraits from life: they are creations

Tazuri will be participating as a Special Projects exhibitor at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London October 5-8. The exhibition will be exploring ideas of the intent of photography and ideas of reclaimed narratives, with all artwork to be generated by the audience. Contact us to get involved.

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Power to the people: the real American ‘Dream’

Tazuri Projects curated a multimedia installation on the work of Emory Douglas of the Black Panthers Party juxtaposing 70s and 80s archival visuals with a 2016  interview to highlight how the goals of the Black Panthers are still relevant today as part of the dialogue on the contemporary idea of the American Dream.


Let's Collaborate 

If it’s forging new ground, Tazuri Projects can help with both generating ideas and executing projects.


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Tazuri Projects is always looking to get involved in ventures that are at the forefront of art and culture that focus on diversify voices in the creative field. Personal collaborations, event management, curatorial partnerships, mentoring artists, community empowerment through art are all topics that interest us.