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Wided Rihana Khadraoui

is an Algerian-American creative entrepreneur. She founded Tazuri Projects as a cohesive platform, with a focus in increasing access for traditionally marginalized groups by focusing on providing tangible tools and identifying opportunities foe sustainable careers in creative industries. She has previous professional experience in creative content development, art management, and creative project direction. Wided writes regularly on Middle East and North African centric art and cultural for international titles.

Her current research and interest topics are in

  • increased minority visibility in the creative field

  • diaspora art

  • reclaiming narratives

  • discursive and socially engaged art

  • post-colonial legacy

  • intergenerational trauma as reflected in creative work,

  • pedagogy and the transmission of knowledge

  • overlap of text and visual creative expression

  • non-traditional spaces for exhibition

  • promotion of expanding audience accessibility in creative venues